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The man of my dreams
Is the man of Faith and Piety.
Who has the heart wrapped with Taqwa
Who has the soul that concerns about Islam
Who is always thirsty to seek knowledge
Who is wholehearted to fulfill only Allah’s Pleasures.

The man of my dreams
Is the man of Responsibility.
Who is overcome by the Solah
Who never fears to control his Nafs
Who never avoids sharing God’s bounties
Who is always steadfast in Allah’s Path.

The man of my dreams
Is the one who preserves his speech
Who is never afraid to speak the truth
Who never boasts with the knowledge he gained
Who never brags with wealth he owns
Who always helps others for he is Loving

The man of my dreams
Is the man of Value and Love
Who respects his Mother
Who is dear to his parents, family and relatives
Who will guide his wife to understand and practice Islam
Who will educate his children with the teachings of Islam

The man of my dreams
Is the man of modesty
Who will follow the pillars of familyhood
Who has many friends and no enemies
Who lives a moderate life and is always grateful
Because to him this world is his temporary home.

The man of my dreams
Is never wasting his Time
Every second of his life is utilized for Islam
His eyes will only tire of Reading
His voice only fades of Quranic recitation
His deep sleep is enlightened by Iman
He wakes up fully recharged
For tomorrow is another day of maturity.

The man of my dreams
Remembers that Death is around the corner
To him this life is the harvest field of Al-Akhirah
Where the fruits must be protected by Zikr
Where the plants must be fertilized with Amal
So that they blossom beautifully.

The man of my dreams
Is a man of confidence and principle
Who is not influenced by any worldly leisures
Who is aware that his journey is still long
Because Al-Akhirah and Jannah are his aims
Where his dream house is built
There; he will bring me – hand in hand..

adakah aku layak untuk "The man of my dreams" ???
layak kah aku ??????

my man..

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