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Type A Characteristics

subuh tadi..
aku pulun study Organizational Behaviours..
paper 1st aku utk final exam..
so nak wat cerita ni..
tengah2 study topic Managing Change & Sterss..,
ada la ne satu sub topic yang aku rasa 90% express what actually my characteristics is all about..
mcm tajuk d atas 2 hah..
Type A Characteristics
ni la ciri2 owg yg mcm aku.. hahaha
1)Hurried speech; explosive accentuation of key words
2)Tendency to walk, move, or eat rapidly
3)Constant impatience with rate at which most events take place
4)Strong preference for thinking of or doing two or more things at once
5)Tendency to turn conversations around to personally meaningful subjects or themes
6)Tendency to interrupt while others are speaking to maker your point.
7)Guilt feelings during periods of relaxation or leisure time.
8)Tendency to be oblivious to surroundings during daily activities
9)Greater concern for things worth having than with things worth being.
10)Tendency to schedule more and more in less and less time; a chronic sense of time urgency.
11)Feelings of competition rather than compassion when faced with another Type A person.
12)Development of nervous tics or characteristic gestures.
13)A firm belief that success is due to the ability to get things done faster than the other guy.
14)A tendency to view and evaluate personal activities and the activities of other people in terms of numbers.

So skrg... baru aku taw aku ne Type A Characteristics pya owg.. hahaha
tapi ciri yg num 2 tu x berapa btl jgk la..
'eat rapidly'
setahu aku.. aku makan slow2 ea..
so sapa rasa2 dya pon Types A punya golongan manusia...
anda adalah pencabar gue..
sapa2 yg rasa2 ciri2 yg ada pada diri'y xda kena mgena dalam Types A,
 so anda adalah Types B pya  manusia.. hahaha..

harap2 soalan Types A ni ada kuar 26 hb nnt..
senang nak jawab..
coz refer apa yg ada pada diri jk..
guna ayat tunggang langgang pon x pa..
yg penting lect faham apa yg nak d sampaikan.. kikikiki...
ntah apa aku merepek ne..
back 2 study OB...

2 owg pimp my story:

cik zaza said...

infomative sungguh..
gud luck! :D

Proff Xcadbury El-DzuLmaniac said...

well.. people not da same... juz wanna let y'll know.. kikiki

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