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27 perkara yg Sesaja Bha..

so ni la keja aku....
27 perkara yg Sesaja Bha..

[1] 6 Names in your inbox cellphone 
 N:r:(ex bf couzin)
 One Wan:r:
 Chenta Sy:r:

[2] Your main ringtone?
 The Show

[3] What U did at 12 last night?
 Blogging till mid night

 Engeneering Economics revision 4 a while..

[4] Who was the last person U went out with? Where?
 One Wan
 Cafe Petronas ja.. hahak 

5] The color of T-shirt you're wearing now?

 Smooth Pink wif Bubble design

The last thing you did?
 Skodeng2 belog orang

2 of your everyday favourite items?
 Bantal Nightmare tuk membawaku ke alam mimpi

 Lappy tuk skodeng2

The color of your bedroom
 Bilik sendiri : Warna warni..
 Hostel tersayang : warna putih..
How much money in your wallet now?
 0.00 sen...

Your favourite song?
 Superhuman by Chris Brown ft K.Hilson

12] What will you do next wekend?

 P ko-k
 Hang out

When was the last time U saw Ur Mum?

 Last 7month ( Hari Raya Aidilfitri lepas)

Where is she now?
 At home, d Tawau..

When was the last time you talked to your parents?
 Yesterday, minta relod ngan mum.. hehe

Who is the last person that texted U?
 E-LoQ _ dya bgtaw soalan mid sem take away home dah ada kat Learning Zone.. 

17] Where did U have your dinner lastnight?

 Cafe DPP Petronas UUM Sintok Kedah ( Cukup detail da ni )

18] The last suprise you got?

 April Fool.. 
 Fellin' Stupid

Last thing U borrowed from ur friends?
 Hari ni aku x pinjam papa pon lg dgn mereka2..
jap g la aku nak fikir apa aku nk pinjam dgn mereka2.. hahaha

Who is ur BF/GF or husband/wife?
 BF : Hamba Allah
 Husband : Hamba Allah yg tulang Rusuk nya akan hilang untukku
 harap2 dya la owg nya..

What do you feel now?

22] Wanna share with who?

 With My Beloved Loyal Friends

Who knows ur secret?
 secret wat? secret garden?

They keep ur secret?
 Ntah !!!!!!!!!

[25] Are you angry with someone?

What do you order at McD?
 Double Chesburger + McFlurry.
 Cheese tu wajib...

[27] The last time you felt so sad?

 Last night..

P/S :

dzulfadhlee  sabar k..

java  everybody iz misunderstanding..

bybycad  ukhwah terjalin QSYT..

puteritintaberduri masa tu akan tiba..

eynalollipop tinggalkan la semua tu..

 minta maaf kisah dulu tu..

p/s : kebingungan melanda diri

2 owg pimp my story:

eyna said...
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eyna said...

i wish...
thanx,, =)

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